Six-Pack Abs for women – What you should know

Fine-tuning your body to get that 6-pack abs is no child’s play. And interestingly, many women boast of 6-pack abs even if they are not celebrities or sportsperson. So, even a homemaker can get them but you need to make a few changes in the way you lead your life. And that shouldn’t be a problem if you are steadfast and determined in your approach.

For some women attaining six-pack abs is almost next to impossible as they do not have the confidence or cannot believe that it can be achieved in due course. However, achieving it is nevertheless difficult but not impossible. There are many things that you need to change or modify to get optimum results. This is exactly what has been dealt with in this write up. Check out the paragraphs that follow.

What you need to change

Prior to starting your exercise routine to obtain 6-pack abs, you need to understand thoroughly why you are making changes, how it will benefit you, and whether or not you can take the exercise regime to completion.

  1. Percentage of fat in the body

First and foremost, you will have to minimize the percentage of fat in your body by as much as 16% to 19%. This is applicable in case of women. In fact, this is the figure that athletes are asked to attain and roughly speaking, reducing fat percentage in body by as much as 20% to 30% is actually considered average. You can expect to lose fat depending on the existing structure of your body at the time of starting the exercise and diet plan. However, do not lose hope if you are not able to get the desired results right away. It is a time consuming process.

  1. Change in diet

Aside from being ready to undergo some rigorous workouts, you will also have to focus on your diet. If you do not want to seek assistance of a professional in person, you can always seek help from experts online and refer to recommended reading suggestion.

As far as diet is concerned, you need to eat healthy. Generally speaking, spacing out your meals, taking smaller meals, curbing intake of salt (as salt causes retention of water causing weight gain due to water), sugar intake, and junk food avoidance helps to a great extent in losing weight. But when it comes to getting 6-pack abs, you have to stretch yourself a bit further.

Incorporate into your diet whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, adequate proteins, eggs, and dairy (in limited quantity). Try to avoid eating at food joints because food items contain a lot of sodium and sodium aids in weight gain due to water retention as mentioned above.

  1. Exercise regime

When it comes to exercising, first and foremost you have to talk to a trained professional to find out which exercises you can perform and the ones that you won’t be able to do due to any medical ailment that you are suffering from.

  • Cardio exercises have been found to be effective that include running, swimming, and rowing just to name few. The ultimate goal is to burn those stubborn calories that you have accumulated all these years.
  • Strength training is an integral part of exercise regime if you are aiming at 6-pack abs. Try to perform strength training at least thrice a week. Work the muscles of the legs, arms, hips, chest, abs, and shoulders at a time and repeat them in series for optimum results.

Although diet and well planned exercise regime will give you the desired result over a period of time, however, your genetic predisposition matters too in obtaining results in the long run.