Stay Positive by Setting Yourself Goals

It’s often said that happiness is a choice. What we do in our daily lives can shape our personalities, so surely the more we get out of life the happier we’ll be? When we look back at our childhoods we don’t generally think about the material things we had, it’s more about the places we visited, or the occasions that were particularly memorable. Smells, tastes and music can often transport us back to happier times instantly. So is it just about making memories?  Not necessarily.  Some of us may need to set ourselves targets, or goals in order to have something to strive for; a kind of bucket list perhaps. Each person may have a different set of objectives, as there are many factors to consider but generally every one of us has one or two ambitions or goals that we would like to bring to fruition. Some people always need to have a project on the go, or something to look forward to, otherwise there is a danger of stagnating; they don’t want to get to a point in life where they look back and think “I wish I’d done….”  For some, the way to stay positive is by setting some feasible and achievable goals. Here are a few ideas.

  1. To Travel

There’s always at least one place we all want to visit. Whether to visit family abroad that you never get to see unless it’s via a computer screen, or there’s a yearning to visit some far off country that you’ve researched. Cost it out. Set a budget. If you don’t have the funds then save. Make sure you’re acquainted with your destination’s local customs and laws. Check your paperwork; is your passport up to date? Will you need a visa and/or Inoculations? You might want to travel first class or you might have to settle for cattle class – whichever you choose make it memorable!

  1. To Skydive

A bit of a thrill seeking ambition, this one! You don’t have to go it alone, so it’s not quite as scary as you might think.  When you jump tandem, you’ll be firmly strapped to a fully qualified instructor, who will take charge of both the freefall and parachute deployment elements.  Why not make it a charity event? You could kill two birds with one stone by fulfilling a lifetime dream, whilst boosting the coffers of your favourite charity.

  1. To ‘Pay it Forward’

In our busy day to day lives, it can be easy to become a little selfish without realising.  Why not try to perform small random acts of kindness, daily if you’re able.  It may be something as simple as letting somebody queue jump in the supermarket – there’s nothing worse than waiting in line to pay for a carton of milk, behind someone with a trolley full of groceries!  Maybe an unusual or personalised gift for a loved ones birthday instead of the usual gift card?  No grand gestures are needed, maybe a bunch of flowers for a friend, or visiting a sick neighbour.  Time can be one of the most precious things you can offer somebody and you’ll marvel at how good you feel by brightening somebody else’s day!

  1. Learn a new skill

It may be that there was always a musical instrument that you wish you’d learn to play, or a sport that you’d love to learn.  It’s never too late!  Either of these will keep you healthy, whether it’s your mind or body!  Perhaps you’ve never learned to drive?  Maybe you’d like some extra academic qualifications? Now is the time.  Do some research and book some lessons.

  1. To Write a Blog

In this digital age of blogging, there’s no reason why everybody shouldn’t keep a log of their own personal history.  You don’t need to be completely IT savvy to set it up.  Many people opt for a blog page on social media, so as long as you can navigate your way around your favourite social media site then the set up is simple.  Not for you?  Keep a good old fashioned paper diary instead!  As well as documenting your goals and achievements you could also write down your thoughts and feelings, and in years to come, look back on them and even pass them on to your loved ones ensuring your legacy lives on after you’ve gone.

A list of goals can keep you focussed.  You may still, from time to time, worry aboutinconsequential things, but on the whole, with a positive mental attitude (and something to strive for) the day ahead is a walk in the park!