The Best Ways To Order Weightlifting Exercises

As a weight lifting enthusiast with a goal to get ripped, it is paramount to order the weight lifting exercises properly. According to one of the blogs at some of the steroids they sell will give optimum benefits when there is a good order of weight lifting exercises. Therefore, this publication is dedicated to offering a guide on how to go about this for a weight lifting starter and seasoned lifters alike.

General rules to follow

When it comes to weight lifting, some general weight lifting order applies irrespective of your level. Some of them include the following.

Let the compound exercise be done before the isolation ones – since the bench presses include the arms should and chest muscles, let them start and then followed by kettle bells which involve only the hands.

Exercise the bigger muscles before the smaller muscles – All weight lifting that involves shoulder and chest should start then followed by those that exercise the smaller muscles like the legs.

Start with free weights before the machine weights – free weights focus on bigger muscles and therefore they can start e.g. the bench press and then followed by machine weights can follow as they focus on smaller muscles.

Beginner’s weight lifting order

Warm up – for beginners warm up is crucial as it deals with areas that hinder performance in weight lifting. Now that you are about to start weight lifting, the arms shoulders and the chest is a problem to pulls and sprains. However, a good warm up will reduce such chances.

Let first exercises focus on problematic areas – focus on any areas that prove to bring challenges in all the following sessions. It can be done in short sessions but not prolonged to avoid breakdown of the system.

Intermediary weight lifting order

Start with training exercises – at the beginning of a weight lifting session the nervous system is still relaxed and the athletes can take advantage of it to do strenuous power jerks and power snatches in decided reps.

The following sessions should focus on strength – now that one has done powerful lifting, the next step is adding strength to the lifting. This does not necessarily need more weight but consistency in squats, and presses in even reps. However, the general rules discussed at the beginning must be followed for optimum results.

Advanced weight lifting orders

The seasoned weight lifting athletes are the ones in great need of the best lifting order. Doing the wrong thing for long can derail your efforts of getting ripped as much as you take the best supplements and diet. So, below is how to go about it;

Start off with pulls and squats – these can be equated to warm ups for the starter and intermediaries. They allow the body to flush out the fatigue from the previous sessions of extensive lifting. It also ensures that the motor units pull each other into the game.

Classic lifting for power and strength can follow – most advanced weight lifting athletes are in the game as part of their career and have the whole day involved in exercises. At this moment the power lifting exercises should come first before the strength exercises when only one session is involved for both.

However, they are allowed to split the two sessions and start with power session followed by the strength session. The only difference here is that the reps are more and at times longer